Uncle aye uncle...

"wah, my father's coffeeshop I still had to pay for my own beer. @#$%^&."

"You want to drink a not, I treat you.."

"I will enjoy longevity for taking care of an elderly, you know."

He went to the counter and took a chilled beer mug.

The older uncle stood up and ready to leave quickly.

He insisted to share his Guinness stout stopping him.

The older uncle left the coffeeshop rejecting him kindly.

He went on questioning,

if there's any 'millionaire' around loudly while sitting down.

Obviously nobody would bother.

"In Malaysia and China there are tons.

But in Singapore, only those whom stayed in orchard road."

I understood his loneliness.

I was checking my schedule with my sister for the day.

"The walls have ears,

don't think nobody knows what you are whispering."

Oh dear, he 'picked' me to 'drama' with.

He called out and asked loudly,

if I am a single parent taking care of a child. (K*N)

He went on talking about rape, drugs and openly use the word 'virgin'...

This auntie looked helplessly at me.

"Oei, pretty lady, you got go shanghai wa wa anot..."

My sister studied my expression while guessing how I would react.

The last time I was too close in 'wacking' a guy very hard.

He openly talked about his 'water hose's size' thrice disgustingly.

The chef and manager managed to house me up at their level two

before I could make a move swiftly.

"We knew from your eyes..."

"Oei, the lady with small eyes..."

"Singapore's prison law not fun one..."

I smiled assuringly at my sister.

She gulped down her kopi-o quickly.

(So adorable.)

quick 'Face Reading'.

"I am not provoked. Though I don't like it when he stereotype me curtly.

If I have the time, I would drink kopi-o and listen to his sorrows & stories."

Some people make a fool of themselves all to hope someone would care & notice them.

Many people would shun him.

He's not really crazy, he acted insane.

He carried a bag, so heavy full of his essentials.

He paid for his beer in good dollars.

He even ordered two 'bak gua' to go with his beer.

I had a look into his eyes while he called out to me.

His eyes and his mouth belong to two places.

They spoke of 'regrets' after every 'mean' sentences.

He must had a troubled, difficult life and sad past.

He nodded to me during that very short spilt seconds.

Probably glad I was the only one whom can 'see' him.

I smiled,

but looked away because I didn't have the time for him today.

The next time, I would gladly sit down and understand his story.

The reminder; to get a 'proper social service cert or something useful I can need'...

To help or not to help someone if you could:

Balance: I need to ensure my personal emotions are well hidden first.

The Hermit:

It's a lonely journey to lit someone's darkness up;

for you never know what's out there in their closet.

Ten of Spring: I can't do that solely alone, reach out and pass to a professional.

The moon:There are too many hidden fears and unknown.

3 of Autumn: Working with others to form an alliance for better second helping.

3 of Summer:

With trust, communication and support, everything will turns out in good light at the end.


*Always help yourself first before you assist others with theirs.

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