Twisted donuts...

It's a dangerous feeling

when my words appeared twisted

than how I actually meant.

Reminded me to always be Super Wary of how I "sentenced" my words.

These Shades of Grey I can still Sarcastically accept.

Oh well,

Still practise professionalism 'distancing'

than 'Sorry' for even moving an inch politely closer.

"Humans are always scarier than ghosts."


Glad to be cheered on by Macdonald's minions for a month long.

I have been chasing them,

caping to only 'splurged on 10'.

Drawn to them:

Not all of them have '2 eyes' and/or 'a mouth',

Not all of them are yellow,

Not all of them are males,

Just like me,

Not all of me are 'perfectly created'...

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