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Tough love?

Down the same muddy path like most of my clients through the search of their life partner, I am quietly broken and energy drained.

I met six men, dated one of them, failed due to incompatible personalities.

Out of the other five, two played hard to date and did the 'one cup coffee meet up' briefly.

One ghosted on me after the second date probably because like he mentioned, my physical attributes did not meet his expectations.

One, perfect gentlemen, I only have praises towards him, but at 48, he just want a long term companion instead of marriage.

One, has his own mental well being to priortise first, and he didn't think I am a good fit for him.

Perhaps I should date the last, my lucky seventh guy before I gave up totally in terms of using all these virtual platform to search for my better half.

What about you?

How's your journey with love?

(And I just read about a south Korean woman whom got her driving license at her 960th time.)

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