Aura Colours- How do you vibe?

"When nothing seemed right,

and everything failed at sight,

love is the only light that keeps the drained mind coming to life."

- It takes special soul to glow exclusively.

Aura Colours: Your Vibes (The Energy in your Heart,

the Dept of your Mind and the Weight of your Soul.) I grew up with this Aura Machine since. My first Aura Photo Experience as a Child is still with me. Apart from understanding people and their Aura colours, Chakras and the Layers; I realised, sometimes what I see is not what I read from them while I met them in reality. I am done with 'convincing' random strangers how 'accurate' our 'aura machine works, so don't 'provoke' me with all the 'nonsense' you heard elsewhere. Come to me with an Open Mind and Heart. Else, don't Connect. For General Understanding; I have never seen 'Perfect Chakra Chart' Aura and Colours, and to be Honest, which human being can have all 7 chakras Neat and Nice? (Imperfect Perfection, else you should be living in another realm.) There is really no 'Bad' Aura, perhaps 'broken' at this instant or energy shifting due to your own spiritual practise and etc. (We are all unique.) Spirituality is your own personal journey; Nobody can truly understand what you been through except yourself. So face yourself honestly, don't give up your own personal power and allow manipulation conveniently. "Buddha sat alone under a Bodhi tree with himself (7wks) until he attained enlightenment at his own pace and time." Stay smart and starry alone bright! Good Luck!