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''Taxi meter.''

He tried to make eye contact with me but I didn't want to because of the vibe he allured.

He asked questions like if all my decks are different.

He said he went to tarot reading many years back but find $80/hour expensive.

I said for an hour reading, my price will also be there.

He gave a smirky laugh and tried to be funny,

'Oh, you are like taxi meter, the price keeps jumping ah?'

"I have not shortchanged anyone and I am professional with my craft.'

'oh, then can I do now?'

"Nope, you can come after 6pm as I have two clients coming in.'

"oh you know the uncle at the tent there, he ‘不行,摇头呃.'

''Please don't say that, everyone has their strength and professionalism, no one to judge.''

I walked away because I do not want to engage with him anymore.

There will always be people like that.

They feed their ego by putting other people down conveniently.

I drew a divination lot from the kuanyin temple regarding my stall out in the streets,

I was told to keep my cool, ignore the naysayers and let time be my judge.


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