Switch off to niche on...

We all know it's tough somehow.

We all understood it's essential.

We all realised it's greatly of importance.

To always just 'switch off'.

I am practising 'doing nothing' and

just enjoy breathing at least once bi-weekly.

Took my mom and sis to 'Jurong lake garden' for an impromptu walk...

Scorching hot but gratefully happy.

We need to move our belly actively.

Knight of Cups:

We have to put our heart out to love life again

despite needling through some broken and torn painfully.

Cooking my favourite 'peach jellies' dessert works every time I felt an intense stress.

This time round,

I added 'almond chips and lavender petals' to keep myself pure & mind relax.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Cards Reading is an art:

I love every piece of information carefully put out

as I quietly laid them with new excitement.

I had to keep guiding my heart,

'not to feel righteously uptight all the time

but I can still enjoy presenting an objectively warmth' persona

to some people I personally dislike too...

(Fingers Crossed.)

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