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It’s ironically upsetting yet amusing at every same time.

I am not even sure if they are genuinely concern about me or can’t wait for my business to fold intently.

They gave me all sorts of ideas to ‘work’ my business online or socially.

I strongly believe to ‘wreck’ more likely.

I usually replied with generally message of thanks.

We all meet people like that all the time- ‘giving wrong advise assuringly right.’

What works for them will not do justice on mine.

Between their lines, they splashed words like ‘profit margin’ higher etc.,

hidden with genuine words like ‘you can try’ or ‘it’s better than nothing’…

I followed my parent’s business since young and tried all kinds of formula to run their business properly.

At the end of the day, there’s no tricky short cuts; one way through,

“Just a lot of hard work, sincerity and patience.”

Anyway, I learned, staying where you are, like in a ‘traffic jam’, you will still be able to ‘get out’ safely.

I used to ‘squeeze’ here and there ‘exit at the next road’ during a traffic jam stressfully.

I ended up with meeting more ‘congestions’ and ‘time wasting trips’ at the end of the day.

“Keep calm” still works in any kind of 'Chaos'.

Still, you need to ‘access every situation’ before ‘you decide on a risky decision’.

I can’t apply for most of the 'Government grant' as I don’t ‘fit’ the bill.

But what I did wasn’t just whining.

Rest assured, I know what to do and if I am meant to walk this path for life time long, somehow, there will still be light shining through the little holes I left on the edge in my window.

Should you find that your ‘inner chaos’;

if the stress and pressure came from ‘external factors’,

the more you need to stay ‘clear headed’ and ‘grounded’ before you allow anyone to ‘knock’ on your door contaminating your peacefulness.

Don’t allow your whole being feeling trapped in a ‘Quicksand.’ (Feel safe trustingly.)

Stay Positive and Patience, it’s never that kind of worst like how we imagined before reality calls.


One day while cycling around my estate,I found trees with leaves shaped in a 'heart'. (smiles.)

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