He told her about commiting suicide over his 7years broken relationship.

She was contemplating,

if she should take in an appointment when he's not from her inner circle client base.

But if she could save a precious life indirectly, she likes to try her luck.

And if someone still know where to find 'light' at his 'doom',

there's still hope to guide.

So gently, she spoke to him with an open heart politely first.

Upon meeting him,

She actually envied all the opportunities he has on his golden spiritual path.

There's so many people willingly trust him,

and present him countless opportunity to succeed a throne...

Maybe he's a man,

that's why he can be made a king surely.

For her,

Its all serious setbacks and challenges,

even with her own dear father at her muddy bloody path.

Sadly, he wanted to give up his bright life naively.

Confidently, she still believes in him.

"Those whom don't need it will be given it.

Those whom desperately wants it will never own it."

Dying is the fastest way out.

How about going against your fate and try living for a soul exchange?

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