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So Noisy.

Words eat into a person slowly and surely.

Compliments are always condiments.

Sarcasm crawls in the dark.

How many people are truly happy in this world? or every someone is just replicating another person whom seemed to have it all? 这世界本来就不平等· 没所谓的公平· 怨天怨地也得怨自己·

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My beautiful faeries are sold only at $10 because I don't want to continue spending money stocking them. I didn't expect to meet a couple like them. "I will buy for $6." "$7 also can." "Never mind, $8

The carpark auntie screamed so loudly as I exited the building. I looked into my front mirror and caught sight of this car driving so closely behind me. When he drove besides me, I saw the red light i

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