Sembawang Hot Spring Sakuraaaa!!!

I love it here.

I truly felt the kampong spirit.

"Ah girl ah, you must put right under there...

if not your eggs won't cook!"

"For how long, Uncle?'

"About 30mins, else no use one...."


"Don't worry, nobody will steal your eggs."

So I left my eggs sauna-ing and

went soaking my legs with my mom and sis.

"Hot sia!"

The water was too clear and

I could see all my toes 'laughing'...

"Just keep moving your toes,

Nobody would notice..."

My sister and my mom always make sure,

I am 'hidden' somehow to blend in naturally...

"Aiya, don't worry,

It's not obvious really 😂..."

Everyone here felt so comfortable and light.

I listened in to their conversations:

"You must walk,

walking is really good for your health!"

"Start young, come often, some ladies came here already,

no need to put on make up after that...."

"Natural glow..."

"Girl ah, your eggs okay already la!"

"Uncle, nah, you want one?"

"Got extra ah?"

"Of course!"

"Thank you ah..."

I was encouraged to try.

I am not even 'a hard-boil egg' kind of person...

"Without soya sauce and pepper...ermm..."

I took out my candy and water, so ready to pop...

Surprisingly, it was so fresh and tasty melty nice!

I never had an egg like that before.

(Please bring your own eggs if you are coming!)

Lively place, good vibes and definitely comforting for me.

"Bye ah girl....

leave soon, else traffic will be bad after 5pm..."

"Ok! Bye-bye uncle!"

"don't live to count your days, make living counts everyday..."

I saw a stream and believe there's a nice faerie guarding here...

I asked for a good advise as I truly needed something...

So I pulled out my pocket tarot cards:

7 of pentacles: Keep growing your money tree watchfully.

Knight of swords: Keep your shield and defence up from now.

Temperance: Keep your emotions in good check. (always)

What about my year 2021? (Cheekily)

10 of cups:

Aww...Rainbow Bliss!*

(Can't wait~)

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