'They' still like to wake that sleeping demon inside her.

Or was it her that 'allow' them to poke her darkly?

It's funny when they bailed out on her,

laughed at her, ghost on her, tricked her,

all to their own sadistic ego satisfaction.

If they bothered to do all that,

perhaps, just enjoy the twist they put up childishly.

It's just part of the trial and tribulations in her life,

to have her feelings toyed and tested anytime...

"wah she's so young, sure can read a not~"

How come there can be so many child prodigy?

And so many old adults erred and put to jail by greed and etc.?

Age has nothing to do with any of that right?

Anyway, these people are of no importance to her life worth.

So, don't bother feeling the distant and pain.

Focus on all the 'right, genuine and good people' always.


Any 'devil' could once be one charming 'angel'.

'Tread' every path carefully and take in any soul with salt first.

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