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1540: "What time are you coming?"

“Where is your location?”

I was only confirmed 3 days before and location known 3 hours before the event.

I didn’t mind because it seems like a grand celebration.

“Please be here by 1730 latest as guests coming in at 1830.”

1830? I assumed I had till 1930 before the event begins. (gawk)

“I will be there by 1700–1715 as traffic will be slow because it’s drizzling now.”

1710: “I am here, behind the mansion backyard…”

“Sis, the guy told me there is no lift.”

“No lift, cannot be, let me go check first again…”

“Sorry Sir, can I check if there is a lift here?”

“Yes mdm, but its not in use…”

“Not in use? Do I need a permission to use it?”

“No mdm, let me show you, maybe because of the event, so they closed it…”

I doubted his words, because I felt the lift has to be working in order to facilitate the heavy work flow needed for this grand event with that expected number of crowd.

I have no extra time to waste though.

I looked up at the slippery stairs to the mansion. (Oh dear.)

“Let me check the exact location first sis, you wait inside the van, it’s drizzling.”

I tried to find the lady in charge and she told me it will be up the second level.

“Stairs again, oh no no no.”

“Let me go get my stuffs and I will meet up at level two shortly.” I told her.

When I was at level 2, I couldn’t find the place I was previously shown.

I told her she needed to come meet me.

“It’s just there…oh…who draw the curtain?”

1740: Our room was taken up by a group of people painting their faces in excitement.

“I need to start my set up if you want everything done up by 1830.”

“Woah..” A lady exclaimed as she felt my stern.

“Can I get some help for my sister while I set up here?”

“What do you need? I can help!”

An angelic caucasian guy offered genuinely.

“But it’s heavy…” I studied his lean frame.

“Don’t worry about that…”

“Thank you so much…”

While we get to work, there were so much laughers and teasing distracting us just outside the room.

They were all so happy and I was so dead serious annoyed. (lol.)

“Hey, just ignore us, I was just sharing with him what are our props.”

I smiled when he checked into our space.

“I hope you like the set up.”

“Thank you, I really do!”

He must be the creative art director if I am not mistaken.

It’s really great to meet people whom passionately love their job.

He made me loosen up and relax. I imagined my dream team.

“I am done with the set up, could you come do a final run through and check the photo?” I asked.

“Thank you, what else you do you need? Do you need food?”

I was glad she asked.

“Just water please.”

“Also, if you can dim the lights for better photo effect here, but I can have lights at my side…”

They gave me spot lights as they couldn’t dim down the lights.

The props team were all in smiles helping each other out.

I envied her elite team.

It must be really an enjoyment to work at that kind of level.

Before I start, I prayed a little and ask for protection and guidance.

It’s always important to pay respect when you enter “people’s house”.


“Are you guys ready? Can we start, there are people wanting to do their aura now.”

So we begin my night.

My “holy water” never arrive, lucky I prepared a bottle for this “battle”.

Between readings, there will always be skeptics first.

The first hour were still manageable kind.

These people seemed to have everything in life, so being in the moment with me could be for an experience only.

I paced myself seriously.

By the second hour, I received slight frustrations.

“Can’t you see she’s already speaking so fast…give her a break.”

I smiled with kindness, he helped me “tackle” her pushy intentions.

“Thank you.”

He allured genuinely yellow orange, white and nice peaceful blue aura.

Third hour, the guy before her took her aura photo instead.

She wanted us to let her take another one than having him return back to the room.

“Please wait, they are already contacting him.”

“I waited so long already, can’t you just let me do that again.”

Every films pack are accountable for.

By “wasting” another one means another person less for this experience.

“Please wait awhile.”

She wasn’t very happy but I will still complete my job with faith.

They all had drinks before they came in for reading, so naturally they will be more “angst”.

“Oh dear, thank you, you must be tired in doing this for us.”

“Are you sure you are not tired really?”

“Do you need a break even?”

I pretended not to hear her and filter her concern off.

I couldn’t let her words sank into me.

Else, I will not be able to keep up with my professionalism.

It’s only 2202. I need my stamina in perfect unison.

The "boss" did not even say anything.

"So keep going."

Some people threw their frustrations on my sister.

She told me later, a lady “jeered” outside the curtain; “get a laser printer la will be so much faster”…

When it was her turn, she told the lady kindly: “this's by dos system so it has to be supported by this old school printer.”

I felt for her.

This time round, I had a chair, she had to bend and stand for straight 5hours.

It’s tough.

There was this one time when my bottle of water emptied, I find my subconscious mind switched off lightly.

When I opened my eyes, I saw an old man dressed in cow boy hat, suspender pants with thick bushy white moustache, smiled joyfully at me, with his palms hugging his face and arms resting on my table cutely.

I was about to ask if he has taken his aura but in spilt seconds he was gone.

Then I realised, maybe I "saw" him accidentally in my drained state against the warm lighting.

His smile cheered me on.

“Thank you, Sir.”

At my last hour, that lady was being very hard at my sister over her side.

We finished all the films needed for the night, any extra its either on my account or depends on the person in charge.

I texted her while I continued reading for my 80th guest.

“Oh my god, she is being so hard on you guys.”

Even she can tell how difficult it’s in my position.

While she continue to “press” my sister for an answer, I finished off my last client in smiles.

She’s just like her aura, so understanding, bright and positive.

“Oh dear, she's so...,Anyway, Thank you so much…”

“Are you going to keep us waiting or can we just take it NOW…”

She pointed her finger harshly at me.

“There are like six of us here, what are you going to do…” with her big angry eyes.

“I am really sorry, there’s nothing I can do now, you can party at the marquee…”

“YOU are telling me you are packing up now? We were told it’s gonna be late till 1am.”

“Mdm, for us, it’s until 1230, really sorry…”

“We queued for so long.”


“Where is your store?”

“You can check back with the organiser, we do not give out name cards here.”

She went off pissed, ‘swearing’ to her “ethic groups” in her language.

Then comes another group.

“Is it really over?”

“Yes, sorry.” I went back inside the curtain after her smiles.

Then I heard;

“Wasted our time and energy, told you guys you should always exercise your power, maybe we can still get it leh…” (in Chinese)

I walked to the glass panel and have a good look at her face, while she laughed so mercilessly with her ‘friends’.

Small eyes, round thin fair face, flat nose, thin lips, short boyish hair.

Okay. Thank you.

All of them must have assumed there’s a door behind the black curtain.

So they daringly “bit*h” about us.

Then came another French guy;

“Are you really closed?”

“Yes.” My sister answered him

“Do you know who I am?”

“Nope, sorry.”

He walked away awkwardly.

“Next time, ask him to enlighten you.”

Incase they backstabbed you with their “power” and “status”.

No hard feelings.

“Sister, I am surprised that you didn’t give in this time.”

I learned from my last event, “extras film” are for genuine and polite people.

Maybe if they ask sweetly and not finger demanding off me, I will place them on my tab.

Too bad.

“If I let one in, ten will rushed in and there will be a fight definitely.”

“I didn’t drink, and I am tooo drained now, I probably will be able to slap some shorter ones but will still be hit on by others, so it’s silly to bet my kindness hard tonight.”

"I am so thirsty now, you too right?"

“Please help me go to the bar and kindly ask for water sis.”

“Sis, there's this guy, he asked if I want tequila with my water…”

“You should say, yes please, let me go get another bottle bottle…”

Anyway, while we packed up, we saw the drizzle back on.

“Please be careful down the stairs.”

While I helped my sister with my last few luggages, I saw the lift as we exited from the kitchen path.

I pressed hard on the button. (I want to try)

“It’s working fine what….” (#$$%^&&***)

“Thank you for lifting.” (maybe it wasn't working and now yes.)

“Lets go find Mc Donald. Starving too!”

Home by 0230hours.

Take back: (that's how the world works)

- Most people only care about their own needs first. Despite going on for 5 hours without enough water and any toilet break, I still have to take the blame for not giving in to some at the end of the journey...

"Sis, are you okay?"

"Don't worry Sis, I won't let these coming to 10 people affect what I did for 80."

A lot of times, how we felt truly matters most instead of needing affirmations and acknowledgment from just anyone.

As long as you knew you did your part, forgive and forget first.

"Sometimes, I just want someone to hug me and say, "I know it's hard. You are going to be okay. Here's chocolate and 8 million dollars." Fu*kology

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