Night Safari Mystery.*

I had an amazing time exploring this beautiful world.

If I don't have to at least grow some dimes,

I probably don't mind working as a 'zookeeper' or 'animal protector' for life...

These animals taught me not to bother with everyone.

"Filter and only 'acknowledge' souls whom aligned with you."

Despite how many times people waved to them,

they don't even bother to look up for a wink or 'politeness'...

"We pay to watch you leh~"

"So what?"

"It's all your own free will."


I was lucky for the night once.

This leopard was just 'chilling' by the viewing glass.

It was frightening at first, but yet I was so drawn to that pair of fearless eyes.

I went face to face with that leopard.

Thinking that this leopard probably can't even see me at all.

I love its soul so badly.

I wanted to own that kind of unflinching presence.


“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”

William Faulkner

How did one became glow-in-the-dark?

I saw some scurry scorpions able to do just that.

I was so drawn to them.

So greenish charming.

(Ops, not sure whose voice was that, note that it was unintentional.)

The majestic lion and the stripy tiger were so seriously in awe.

They were pacing around and around...

"What are they thinking?"

What colours will their auras be like?


I tried to live each day with appreciation,

assuming this could be my last day on earth today.

This way,

in some positive light;

at least I was 'happy' before an end had to happen.

How do you stay alive in this seemingly toxic reality life?

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