motivate yourself or wallow in your mashmellow...

"To remove a mountain,

one had to begin by carrying away small stones..."

A complex heart and a simple mind

can wreck havoc in a realistic world.

Breathing and Reminiscing week:

I was going with the flow like 'the chariot',

still feeling a good sense of control

with where I should be going in life.

My heart was feeling contented like the ace of cups.

I was more open towards new connections and

welcome perspective learning through them,

like how 'the hierophant'

willingly teach, 'heal and guide'

every humble souls without judging...

Desk layout for one casual afternoon:

"Chloride Crystal point":

Just to better managed my self expectation

by allowing success to 'grow' at its own intended pace.

I like leaving some 'Selenite crystal' around;

All to 'dispel negative energy'

and encourage calmness to any stressful environment.

(You can place some sea salt around them for protection too.)

To work out some blockage within my own thoughts,

Quartz crystal is a must to sight conveniently.

A good cup of tea is always great after a heavy lunch.

To 'sayang' my nerves and 'drain out' my system,

I had some 'honeysuckle' tea with jasmine petals in joy...🌼

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