"midnight mind-full exercise."

My 'daily bed time exercise' before 'shutting down':

Light a candle, rolled some scented oil on my shoulder,

touch my 'quartz crystal ball' 7 times (spiritual number thingy),

place my 'palm' (destiny/fate lines) neatly on my Amethyst Cluster,

and check if my 'Amethyst Crystal tumble' is still under my pillow.

I would pick some tarot cards, review the thoughts inside my complex chaotic mind,

and faced the cries of my broken heart aches.

Am I still vindictive tonight?

Do I hold grudges towards someone or angry at an event that happened within the day,

past week or even flashing across many years back?

If so, how should I 'talk' to my heart tonight?

I need to try to 'rebirth' for a new day tomorrow.

And if tonight I 'can't' convince myself with enlightenment,

perhaps I will try again the other tomorrow.

(That's is, if I am still drawing out "mostly the swords card.")

second helping: Journaling.

Though it can be difficult to flip through the pages greeted by your own darkness and curses...

But, at least, you've been honest with yourself somehow.

The need to give ourselves more time to be appeased...

Time flies, so dare to feel more positive, realness and light by blocking 'others' out constantly.

Good Night.

Take time, Need time, Trust time.

"8 of swords:

The insecurities and excess fears we trapped ourselves in, within the blindness of our messy thoughts against reality challenges..."

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