Just Another Face.

Don't take anyone seriously.

It's never personal.

Just, all of us being humane.

Nobody has just one face

for all the phrases in our life

we needed to rely upon

during different 'occasion' in life.

We are 'interfering' with so many

different kind of faces everyday,

transcending and layering on top

of our own sacred path.

You'll be lucky if you are shown

the most purest and vulnerability,

or darkest and devilish of one's soul.

You will be a Saint ultimately,

if you can always stay angelic

despite the devilish

you had to face momentarily.

Don't be that hard on yourself.

Forgive and keep moving on

especially after each lesson learned

from a face at a phrase.


learn to filter people out

of your life necessarily.

Play the game.

Understand the rules.

Break whenever you like.

Pay the price if you decided

to fall for that alluring risk.

You might earn something back

worthy of your blinded first sight.

"It's okay."

Have fun,

always had.


expect them.

'Promises are meant to be broken',

so don't take it for real if you decided to invest yours in every first place naively.

People change their mind whenever they like.

They will keep trying their luck even after they decided to give up on you,

while 'timing' someone else at the same time for their 'ego cruising'.

An As*hole/Player/Timer will never change,

so don't pretend you can't see their spots, it's always there.

Laugh when these clowns kept coming back to trick/trap/trip you again.

They are still selfishly assuming they could ride on you conveniently.

You don't have to fall for them thrice.

The World's big enough,

go for the next new Soul.

Who knows,

he/she will just 'fit' right with your broken Soul this next time.

Someone would eventually.

So, Keep 'Soul-ing'

A Good Genuine Heart can Alter & Change your Destiny Despite

a Predicted Fate with a Face.

No Compete, No Compare,

Just Contentment.

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