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“We will be at Changi Airport, it's mainly for tourists, don't worry we won't be competitors...''

"I never see anyone as competitors at all. The Universe is so big and there is definitely enough light to share...

Moreover, we are not the only ones doing this..."

Imagine me telling them,

“I really love your clothing line so much; can I just know where your suppliers are from?

I promise, I will sell them at Chinatown mostly to the Asian and not MBS usually the expats.”

It's funny when you can't give people what they want, they go another way to put you down hurtingly.

Over the span of thirty years (as I grew up with this), I have seen so many people, trying to manipulate our aura machine to their own agenda. They took hundreds of pictures in all angles and ask for our machine source. They will take countless of pictures within 30mins, just to see if their aura changes and if our machine is faux. They will bring in all kind of ‘water’, ‘beads’ and even ‘ashes’ to feel some form of energy to their own dictations. They will tell you they will be setting up the same thing at their medical centre professional. They will tell you everything they can, just to justify the fact, to take away the effort you did from your own set up.

I used to feel so angry, so hurt, so depressed, so vindictive and showered myself with overwhelming darkness.

I don’t understand how can my parents take these sh*t and still continue their business?

“It’s like that girl, take it easy, just keep going…Look at how many crystals store in this building alone?

There were only a few of us back then in Singapore…it’s life, it’s growth...”

Now I finally understood what they meant and their attitude in their work.

The only way to be different is to keep your own passion & flame alive, don't worry about the rest.

Just like, there are many bubble tea owners, many cafe operators, many singers, many models, many dancers…many…many…

So, I learned to “let go” this way.

Sooner or later, you will just feel numb and filter these people off your mind.

Just take it as one of the bad day with one dose of bad luck.

Wash yourself cleaner tonight with Jasmine flowers, and tomorrow you will still be very much alive.

It’s just business, nothing personal.

*keep believing in light, keeping my vibes right.

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