"imagine imagination images"

The man queuing in front of me studied what I bought on the converter belt.

He asked the cashier curiously;

"Can I ask what are those she's buying?"

The auntie looked at me awkwardly.

I smiled and we answered together:

"Trash bins 垃圾桶."

He looked right into me with his goldfish eyes surprised.

"Why do you buy so many of those?"

Laughing steadily inside me;

I was asking myself if I should even bothered with his questions.

But I did that entertainingly.

"Why can't I buy those to store my stuffs?"

"What do you want to store?

So many of them?"

"Why do you have to ask me that...?"

"Cos' you seemed like you have great ideas with shopping ..."

"I am using them for storage basically..."


I would love to tell him that;

"They are to store 'darkness' when someone

decide to 'deposit' them sacredly..." (gawk)


live out of the box,

think out of the box,

and feel out of the box,

Or even be that box...

How do you like my '垃圾桶’ trash bins? (lol)

Dressed two first.

"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

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