Tarot Reading- How are you?

From Your Perspective Your Needed Insights.

What did you See?

What can you Hear?

How would you Feel?

Tarot cards themselves have no problems portraying their underlying message.

It has been ‘passed down’ from centuries.

Just that when people got too use to their own self-deceit and delusionary escapism,

If they didn’t like what was nakedly told,

Most times they find it ‘hard’ to accept the truth with me.

Still, I don’t butter sugary coat my words or the spreads,

I trust to do my job as a mirror to share a hidden insight off you.

“digest it later if you like but don’t take it out on me alright.”

You can always shape your destiny every day.

You chose what you prefer to believe and to which accuracy you like. ​

“Enlightenment is a tricky path.”

I cast my cards everyday,

And never once find them ‘lying’ to me about my own inner feelings.

“They” have been my only confidante since 17.

Now it’s just a fashion statement to some only.

Don’t come to me if you prefer to be ‘Soul pleased’.

My realm of exchange is mainly for ‘self-acceptance’ and ‘cold honesty’.

Also, I dislike groups reading because everyone’s will still be defensive in others presence.

It’s tough to ‘bridge’ you through with so many unneeded voices around you.

Still, If companion needed, I will gladly obliged. ​

And for the rest whom are here with their own agenda, ​

PLEASE Do not cross path.

Good, Genuine & Kind Vibes Only.