Horoscope Prediction for the year 2022


Character &Traits: Affectionate & Display Positive Attitude. Often Serious and Hardly Distracted.

Career: 5/5

It will be a good year for leadership, career advancement, and growth.

Take on every challenge boldly with a desperate desire to taste new success.

Wealth & Luck: 5/5

Master the art of staying grounded in your career path, and you can enjoy financial increment.

Unassumingly, treat everyone with an open heart, and every new collaboration can bring better future opportunities.

Love and Friendship: 5/5

Your social network will expand excitingly.

You will enjoy new partnerships while letting go of toxic relationships curtly.

Health: 3/5

While you push harder for success, it’s essential to remind yourself to have adequate rest every day.

Tarot Card:

‘The Sun’: “Ignite your inner power and believe it’s your time to shine.”


Character &Traits: Grounded and Calm, Never short change anyone biasedly.

Career: 3/5

The only competition is yourself; keep a clear mind and improve your working environment to better focus at work.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5

Control your temper, and you can change an outcome even if the odds are against you.

Love and Friendship: 2/5

Don’t sacrifice any friendship and a faithful lover just for that few minutes of binding glitz and glamour.

Health: 3/5

Don’t ‘pile up’ any negativity; find an emotional outlet to release any ‘suppressing state of angst or anxiety.

Tarot Card:

‘Wheel of Fortune’: ‘Your chances of winning is higher if you create your own dance moves.”


Character &Traits: Sharp and Shrewd, you can be both Playful and Serious at unpredictable times.

Career: 3/5 stars

You have to ask for new career opportunities if you need more job satisfaction this year.

Express interest boldly to increase awareness within your company.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

You will have to depend more on yourself than trusting others to pave a path for you.

Always do a rain check to ensure no black holes with your finances.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

You can seek emotional comfort with your partner and gain real insights if you ‘check in’ with your friends.

Health: 3/5

Don’t bottle up your emotions in distress but manage them with a positive thought;

“We always have our struggles, and that’s what makes living intriguing and satisfying!”

Tarot Card:

‘The Star’: “Be emotional wise, and you will be ready to rise above the seemingly high tides.”


Character &Traits: Understanding and Truthful; always having a good heart towards others.

Career: 2/5 stars

It will be a stable and grounded year for you, do spend some time elevating your skills or exploring new interests outside your career.

Wealth & Luck: 2/5 stars

You have to rely on people to increase your chances with new opportunities and bide your time for success.

Love and Friendship: 3/5 stars

You can expand your business and social network to increase your competitiveness and desire for a ‘better life.

Health: 3/5

You will find interest in building physical health and professional image, but don’t neglect your mental or emotional needs. Express yourself through the creative sector, like arts, music, or writings.

Tarot Card:

“The hanged man”: “If you tied yourself to your problems, you can never set yourself free.”


Character &Traits: Irresistible attractive and make the best story out of their life.

Career: 5/5 stars

Be ambitious and far-sighted.

With determination, you will find a breakthrough in your career this year.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

It’s best not to involve yourself in unnecessary conflicts which are of no relation to you.

Money flows smoothly and ensures you have your account in good order.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

There will be potential new partnerships and opportunities to widen your network.

Be open and attend more activities and social gatherings.

Health: 3/5

Stay hydrated and cut down on alcohol intake.

You need to be conscious about your daily habits to improve mental clarity and lighten your emotional burden.

Tarot Card:

“The temperament”: “Crying is needed to remove the frostbite in your heart.”


Character &Traits: “Shrewd and humble, dedicated to their life goals diligently.”

Career: 4/5 stars

Take up leadership roles and watch yourself transform in many good ways.

Learn to communicate your ideas through amicable discussions patiently.

Wealth & Luck: 5/5 stars

Turn the table around with your wits and gab as lady luck is on your side.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

Be generous and give more this year.

You must express gratitude and return favours.

Health: 1/5

Eat clean this year so you have tons of good energy to keep up with your hectic lifestyle.

Tarot Card:

“The Hierophant”: “Stay humble and relearn life principles from many different perspectives.”


Character &Traits: “Beautiful character weighting in neatly with every righteous goodness.”

Career: 1/5 stars

You should prioritize your career this year instead of wasting opportunities which is hard to come by these days.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

Learn to live minimalistic life to better use your finances for the unknown future.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

Join a community or a support group to ignite interest towards your own inner growth.

Chances of finding love is high and you can consider marriage boldly.

Health: 3/5

You need to stay active and motivate yourself to keep fit and fab.

Tarot Card:

The Fool: ‘Dare to fail, and you will find yourself ready to learn new skill for your next scoring victory.’


Character &Traits: “Selectively Social, a great friend to many and a faithful lover to one.”

Career: 4/5 stars

You will learn to accept all the setbacks and challenges to better your professional craft intensely.

Let your angelic side out to distract and distant anyone who bears ill intentions on you.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

Do not take uncalculated risk but stay humble in the quest for financial luck.

Love and Friendship: 2/5 stars

Improve interactions with others to better manage your social life.

Love can blossom if you put in more effort than giving a lacklustre attitude.

Health: 3/5

Do not neglect your health this year but go all out to work your body to your ideal state.

Tarot Card:

“The Tower”: “Only in the darkness can you spark light; watch yourself transform perfectly within intended destructions.”


Character and traits: “Endearing and Philosophical, you enjoy your life to the fullest every other day.”

Career: 2/5 stars

Stay grounded in your current career instead of wanting to make changes out of the feeling of boredom or stagnant.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

Relook into your daily expenses and make new saving plans swiftly to secure your financial status.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

You have great friends who will offer support in times of distress.

You should finalize your marriage proposals confidently and pursue your long-time love interest.

Health: 3/5

Maintain your regular exercise and good habits while unloading your emotional woes trustingly to prevent mental stress.

Tarot Card:

“The Judgement”: “Only your opinion matters; do not allow your voice to drown in the crowded room.”


Character &Traits: “Capable and dedicated, you place people at the right place & right time.”

Career: 2/5 stars

There can be an intense struggle to maintain a good balance between work and personal life.

Don’t make any hasty decisions when you are conflicted and confused.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

Doll up, dress up often to attract compliments and praises to boost your good vibes.

Love and Friendship: 5/5 stars

You can rely on your colleague, friends, and partner as they can be dependable to address your emotional needs.

Health: 3/5

Do not forget to relax and spend more quiet time with yourself.

Forgive yourself gently when you realize your past mistakes showed up and torment you on hinge sight.

Tarot Card:

“The magician”: “If you trust yourself hard enough, you won’t fall into that trap willingly.”


Character &Traits: “Often truthful and lovely to meet, well-liked by many, and seriously empathic.”

Career: 5/5 stars

Never back down with everything working in your favor; you should go all out to pursue the path you desire.

Wealth & Luck: 5/5 stars

Have a positive attitude as you have a prosperous wealth luck this year!

Don’t forget to be grateful for what you own.

Love and Friendship: 4/5 stars

Don’t hold on to any toxic relationship; people change for any matter.

Note that you can always build a new relationship if you lose your trust with anyone.

Health: 3/5

Participate in any activity which can promote and encourage you to be conscious of your overall well-being.

Tarot Card:

The High Priestess: “You are the master of your fate; learn to walk your destiny fearlessly.”


Character &Traits: “Genuine and witty, and an inspiring leader to many.”

Career: 5/5 stars

You can enjoy a prosperous year with all your hard work from the past coming to fruition.

Wealth & Luck: 3/5 stars

There can be some distractions and too good to be true investment plans offer to you.

Pay attention to all the fine details before you sign on.

Love and Friendship: 1/5 stars

It will be a great year to clean up your social circle and remove connection that is not real to you.

Health: 4/5

Nothing detrimental; continue taking charge and care for your health with commitment.

Tarot Card:

The Empress: “With empathy and compassion in place, you will find your life purposeful.”


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