The inner struggles that most people faced are hurting real.

Most time,

she wished she could really do more instead of being a careful listener only.

A “transgender” story touched her intensely deep inside.

The cold, lonely darkness ‘this pretty being’ went through sliced her neat.

She could not relate exactly how much pain she went through to become him.

"Life is so sad, disturbingly sad just to exist boldly."

She was reminded of a fraction of her own disturbing taint.

If only, we don’t have a mind, heart and soul of their own,

Perhaps anyone would halt tormenting themselves humanely.

All to live.

"Always be kind,

everyone of us is 'fighting' a battle deep within us."

The advise she could take in:


Stay grounded, balanced and professional with her own feelings.

Hanged Man + Justice:

No point trapping herself all to uphold justice causally.

Plan ahead strategically if truthfully want to help the society.

9 of wands:

One step at a time,

everything can be achievable if there's enough passion and time.

Queen of pentacles:

"Take care of yourself first."

Be financially stable before channeling new energy into a real path with oath.

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