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I was watching two officials checking in with the cafe owner and staffs on their social distancing measures.

They were strict and serious with every corners of the cafe while I sipped my wine momentarily.

The tape won't look good on their leather seats and the stickiness might do some damages later. (Assuming)

I saw their faces lined with stoic calmness.

Social distancing will not do good for a popular cafe like theirs.

I usually had to queue or only get a bar seat while I am there.

But it's a measure everyone must faithfully abide.

"Life doesn't go accordingly to our plan."

Maybe it's a great sign from the Universe, to reset our ways of living since comfort and convenience were extravagantly used.

I accepted the emptiness.

It's a good chance to refill life with many new second thoughts.

Assuming I might be spending more time at home, I ran off to get a couple of new read in case ditigal entertainment get interrupted somehow.

Whining won't help at all.

For businesses like mine which required personal interaction, it will be a huge challenge if we were advised to shut down for weeks or months.

I can't do online reading because I preferred to have my clients drawing the cards themselves and with me.

It's honestly more accurate that way;

and I like listening in face to face than remotely away guessing their truthful feelings.

Then again, you probably don't need my insights when you can take this quiet time to think and reflect on your woes.

So it's ironically right that life happened this way.

"Is your business an essential service?"

"Can my business be an essential service?"

Fantasying if it's like war time, do wish I meet a suave and faithful solider like actor hyun-bin in crash landing on you drama.

(Damn annoying nice and dreamy right.)

Keep yourself upbeat and motivated to feel Peace, Light and Bright.

Take Care! 🍀

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