"Crystals Power?"

Myths, Facts or ....

Wearing Genuine and the 'Right Crystals' does help to 'alleviate' your Energy. 

You will have to meditate and connect with your crystals over a period of time first. 

Mediation helps if you do it alone with yourself.

I never believe in 'random Groups mediation'

because you will never know whom is out there, 

'drawing your good energy' and whom 'discarding

'smelly' negativity' into someone else. "Distraction."

So, always mediate alone,

the 'messages' or 'signs' will be louder and clearer.  (my personal take.) 

Unless it's with people whom you believe you can trust for a lifetime. 

I have seen many Yoga practitioners and their auras.

It will first increase your 'sexual' chakra point with all the sensuality you allures with your moves.

The rest, depends on each individual's growth. 

I have watched enough people 'Feeling' Crystals and 'vibrations' or somewhat 'Copied feelings' from other's experiences; 

People whom seriously have that ability won't go around 'showing off'.  

By 'looking' they can tell if a Crystal is pure and charged, 'feeling' is secondary. So,  just enjoy their 'act' in cheekiness. 

Massage usually drained you off entirely to 'Blue/Green' aura as you 'reset' your body to null while you relax trustingly.

Reiki will charge you up 'Full Red' if you practise under the Sun (morning/evening) with the right moves faithfully. 

Chanting: Different religion and their scripture works differently on you. 

Just like different medicine for different purposes.

Live life in honesty and Go with the flow. 

Nobody will have a 'Smooth' life always.

We all have our sets of challenges and obstacles. True Love Energises. 

By being Happy and Light, Accepting and Letting go of Differences and Past Sadness. 

Rejoice, Celebrate and Enjoy every Good moment in Quiet Bliss. 

That's what being an Earthling is all about. 

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