"Convenient Judge."

They both walked into a new Italian restaurant to satisfy their hunger.

All eyes were on them probably because they were two asian ladies.

Not bothered by the disparity, they made themselves at ease.

A kind asian student served them with care.

Not afraid of their defensive vibes,

she genuinely introduced a few dishes to go along with their wine.

When the dish was served, she carefully checked upon them if it was to their liking.

The two ladies answered her in friendliness supporting her good will.

They understood her effort since they were both in the service line too.

Half way through the dish,

the other server took a glance at their bottle of wine first,

before she decided to help clear the plates at their table spontaneously.

They were too used to "silent realistic and special treatment"

some restaurant owners display;

depending on the price they will be paying later for their table.

Towards the end of the dinner,

That other server pushed them to go for the dessert without blinking with thoughtfulness.

They were obviously too full with the soup, pamaham, pizza and pasta already.

There were two tables celebrating a birthday which exceed the number of packs regulated.

She took a look at them with the small cake on her hand.

"Don't worry, our lips are tight and we can't see anything."

They are not whistle blower.

She came by their table after she was done with them.

She commented on the food they ordered while clearing the plates:

"Oh, I usually would recommend what I like to eat,

instead of what the restaurant asked us to push...

the kitchen will always tell me to stop

introducing what I like to eat to customers..."

"What's wrong with what we have ordered?

Aren't these the restaurant specialty?"

(Her statement "killed" many people on different levels crudely. b*)

Blabbering non-stop,

She went on sharing all about herself to them.

Her background, her plans, her passion and etc...

She was just a intern but with her interactions at those tables,

it can be depicted otherwise.

She asked them thrice to write a review in cheekiness.

They were not impressed by her but super turned off.

In fact most people would like her initiative to interact with clients intently.

They disliked her for the clear fact,

she took the other server's credit, put her down and also ride on other staffs to look good.

Also, clearly she judged them "at the value" they spent.

That's totally not cool in their perspective.


They wrote a review ultimately,

without mentioning her at all but just to encourage the other server

whom gave her best during the dinner.


"Help the vulnerability or the weaker one if you are given an opportunity."

The Devil:

Always Fool and Trick you into Trapping Distress.

To break free, don't panic, play along, wait for a good moment to escape.

If not, take the pain and enjoy the torment and insane.

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