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"Convenient Liars."

This week was rather upsetting.

My ah gong was warded to the hospital after my grandmother found him slightly unconscious during breakfast.

I went on with my all appointments because it was too last minute to cancel so many people...

Yet ironically, I was stood up twice when I could have visit him on both accounts.

How can anyone forget their appointment when the request was confirmed 2 days before and they personally decided the time.

I cannot buy that, it's uncalled for.

I could have gone for dinner with my sister, or did an impromptu reading for that 3 kind friends.

We went on worrying that she was caught in the rain or had a fall or etc...

She asked for an appointment a day before but I had to text her on the day after 20mins of waiting.

"I had to attend a wake in the west and couldn't make it back on time...would like to come tomorrow instead."

If you have something on today already, why can't you just schedule for tomorrow instead.

And it wasn't that difficult to text someone if you changed your mind.

Was that a good feeling to feel 'superior'? (maybe.)

My sister gotten worst treatment though.

A week or so ago, her only trusted friend in Australia wanted to meet her.

She was so excited and made booking at one of our favourite restaurant for her.

She also went to town on purpose to buy 3 huge bags of her favourite fish skin snacks.

She busily picked out some nice pendant and bangle for her in store.

Then comes that day.

We did an event the night before so we took half day off.

Her legs were too sore from the 5 hours standing and my body was really lethargic.

But we went to clean up our store and waited for her because she wanted to visit.

6pm: She texted my sister and said she can only make it at 730pm.

7pm: She texted and said she can only make it at 8pm as her family wants her for dinner.

(She already had wedding lunch with them right?)

My sister got teary.

I went dinner with her as we kind of "pre-book" the menu with lady boss because this friend is "not well and recovering from her health"...

I didn't plan to join them even though I know her. (I had a feeling she will be stood up.)

8:30pm: Lady boss and me both shared the same sentiment she will not turned up. "Lets eat first."

8:45pm She texted and said they have not start their dinner.

Yet she wanted badly to meet my sister because she bought my sister present for xmas, with a bottle of wine.

I told my sister straight up, "She will not come."

I got that same kind of "just to fit into schedule" list before.

"Don't be fool by that present thing..."

"And how long are "we" gonna keep waiting?"

"By the time she finished dinner, it would be 10ish, come by 1030ish then?

She will tell you she was tired and while you wait faithfully till midnight?"

My sister decided to tell her to meet up in Australia instead.

She still insisted to pass the "exclusive present" to my sister,

but will drop off at our other store since she's flying off tomorrow morning and we won't be in early.

"Can I have a bag of that fish skin instead? No need to give her so many too many la~"

I tried to make her laugh.

Upon knowing,

the lady boss and the chef felt her too,

"Try this pork belly mei mei..."

"Try this lemon sour mei mei..."

Lady boss sat with us and shared her story with "her kind of friends".

"At my age, I am still filtering "friends" off mei mei, it's okay, we learned, just stick to people whom truly appreciate and cherish us, the rest, as you grow older, your circle of friends will get smaller and smaller..."

Another Worst:

The next day when she received the "special present".

I was shocked.

I asked my sister if I could tell her a truth.

"Sis, that's a free gift from her purchase over some beauty products."

I showed her while I goggled for her incase I was wrong to think lipsticks are so mini now.

She burst into tears with serious disappointment.

Why would you give someone "a free gift" thinking they would not know it's a free gift?

And why make this present "special" in every first place?

Just freaking buy a full set for my sister la (how much only),

and the sad part, she is "freaking loaded rich".

"This one smaller than my last toe mini free lipstick gift spoke of cheap causally f."

"At least the bottle of wine still can la, plus minus AUD about $30..." -cheered her on.

"But we always treat her full on kind and nice... really sad jie..."

my sister finally knew where she stands in this friend's heart.

Will you do that even for an acquaintance?

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