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I imagine.

After a century:

7una 7avenda

24-7 Spiritual Realm (or clinic?)

That would be uplifting right uh.

In every room, there will have a specialise spiritual reader.

All of them felt genuine, nice and right to lift broken souls out of their earthy humane woes.


"Aura colours" previously meant nothing to most,

but at least 25yrs of time span, acceptance was felt and peace of mind can be achieved independently.

Of course, to different perception and perspective.

I have met a few nice and gentle 'mindfulness' teachers earlier these months.

Hopefully our affinity furthered stretched and a dream team can be brought together by universe conspiracy.

Those new born babies wailed in confusion took my vision floatingly away...

There are still people believing in Iove and making babies blissfully...

So hopeful when they enter into humans realm innocently.

A well balanced breed of different kinds of human birthing into places...


Who can they become?

Which side will they belong?

While this idea root itself to reality unknowingly,

perhaps this can be build like how temples survive centuries with merely on donations only.

*Fingers crossed.

I spoke to Guan gong seriously earlier.

He still looked sternly right at me every time. 🤭

"It's gonna be 'goddess birthday' again soon", the temple granny told me cutely.

"Keep faith, keep walking on."

Have a good week ahead!

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