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Brimming Happiness.*

Today I witnessed something really magical.

A Monk, a Nun and a Buddhist came by for our Aura Reading.

Their vibes were so genuine and everything they asked for,

we don’t find anyway to be calculative with them.

Their aura glowed full of purity love and light.

The best part is when they interact with our two clients in store.

The two ladies were indecisive about what to get for themselves.

Hearing how they bring the meaning of crystals into life, I really feel like I want to "Om" with them.

Going around with my robe,

Maybe I can receive more respect and people will treat me kinder?

Only when you truly believe in the works of crystal from your heart, the way you share is entirely different than anyone whom just tried to ‘sell’ you something.

I was brimming with happiness inside.

Hope I can meet more and more and more and more and more soul-liked spiritual practitioners.


"if it's from the heart, everything glows gold..."

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