"Blue Heart Bruised Luck."

Some of Heart Palpitation Symptoms:

-excess alcohol.

-excess caffeine.

-lack of sleep.

-intense stress.

Don't take your Health for Granted.

"Momentarily Escapism" was fine,

"Emotional Suppression" was easier,

But the price can be too Heavy to feed,

If it's years in hiding as the Clock goes ticking...

When the Moon removes her Coat,

The Stars remain faithfully in Coy.

My Heart awakes with a Croak,

The Mind reminds a Joke.

Oh Sunny Hope,

Where are you without all these illusionary Dope?

If I don't want to end up Broke,

I better quit Drowning them down my throat.

Page of Pentacles:

Start making new financial plans where

I can see something 'growing' on hand.

Time to Reassess that Path Intensely,

if I am still meant to walk down that

Dark, Cold, Lonely, yet 'Successful' Journey...

(The Emperor)

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