He leaned forward while she reads his tarot spread against his question.

He was way serious and his attitude did made her cringed slightly at first.

Single Sided Deafness;

He carefully explained his loss,

due to the damage of his nerves,

caused likely by the neglect treatment of his fever since childhood.

It broke her little inside with sensitivity but she held back her emotions quickly.

Perhaps, 'they' didn't want him to hear all the negativity,

and ugly truthfulness this world crudely echoes....

She was 'ashamed' for perceiving him negatively at first.

He was leaning in to listen to what she had to say against her mask.

She assumed he was ready to challenge her confidently.

For that kind of straight up body language he displayed;

was pretty familiar to how most nasty people often show that before 'attacking' her.

"Once bitten twice shy."

It's not easy to be objective and professional discarding personal emotion at times.

Keeping the mind clear, light and noise free can be tricky.

Remember to sit in with thyself more often.

Queen of Summer:

It's not easy to be a people person.

Judgment and prejudice still lingered with defence.

Give chances, don't find fault conveniently.

"Fingers crossed.

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