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I met her at the event I did recently.

She took care of my work flow.

When I first met her, I thought she was so petite and pretty.

And I like her sporty clean vibes.

I was drained by the 2nd hour when I have been speaking non stop since.

Fighting the heat and keeping the pace was really tough.

I looked up at the coming queues and was really worried I can’t keep up anymore.

Luckily, I was blessed.

For 3 days, this lady was my angel in disguise.

There were so many times people pushed through their luck, hoping to have their reading done.

But she was so firmed with her "no, we can’t do that, sorry”.

Despite seeing how people went soft with her and smile their way through, she did not weaver at all.

I was so proud she was my minder and indeed so lucky so lucky.

Else, I probably will not have the time to recharge during interval.

“Aren’t you afraid that they will complaint you when they are VIPS here?”

“It’s not about that, if you say ‘yes’ to one, everyone will do that, it won’t be fair for those whom queued.

If they want, they can come at the allocated time, not when we are already closed or it’s our break time…”

This lady got character and the management was really good at knowing who they hired and trained for the job.

The kind of professionalism everyone displayed at this event inspired me to raise my own standard greatly.

Thankful to be working with elites and people so passionate about their job.

They take in every hardship like a pinch of salt.

I really admired their teamwork and effort.

"Halt the whining and grow flowers with those poo."

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