It's hard to ignore what's fuming inside your head.

Sometimes, those thoughts escalated into small volcanos

bursting waves of emotion that needed to gust out insanely...

Extreme sports work for most people, an outlet to vent it all out,

run it out, screamed it out and/or eat it all in.

Divert those attention and 'changed' them

into another smaller 'mood board' within your mind.

If you can 'puppet' your heartache/anger/blues,

you can control the strings of your untamed emotions.

Don't shoulder it alone.

You don't have to.

Talk to someone about your 'depression',

your 'sadness' your 'suicidal thoughts', your 'fears' and 'anxiety'...

And, like me, take it to 'food therapy.'

So in love with the food in "Tamogo-en"(Plaza Singapura).

The uncle 'Manager' had my admiration.

He was professional and polite with his recommendation.

He busily served and cleaned up attentively despite his age.

("Everyone have to work really hard especially in Singapore.")

I used to only like 'Tira-misu' but recently years,

'souffle' gave me too many butterflies in my tummy

and I love it to every fluffiness.

Reminded me to just flow like a cloud,

gently and light, dressing the sky prettily with sight.

Happy Weekend!

Cheer yourself on today!*

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