Updated: Jan 22

An early morning at the hospital encouraged her quietly.

There's so much going on and its definitely challenging,

to stay damn calm amidst the burning chaos.

It's somewhat like a slow replay of her 'working scene',

But they had it tougher, busier and thousand times harsher.

Most of them still persisted on genuinely,

and assisted everyone professionally.

Luck is something one had to constantly pray for,

If you need some 'second helping' at your 'lowest position' on ground.

Being humble, polite and respectful does help, especially If you do not have any special status or obvious wealth and influencing power...

Where are you?

Who are you?

What are you?

How are you?

Every day begins tough,

Build calmness from within first,

Let new courage opens up your blocked path,

While your hidden confidence will grow with time...

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