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I looked at my nails.

How long and sharp they were.

I looked at my nails again.

How your blood would have 'give life' to my fingers as my coat.

I enjoyed watching ant army sending troops of soldier after discovering the candy I placed with more "fake sweetness".

Then I decide if I want to wipe out the entire colony after following the trails of their soldier and found their 'base'.

"How dare you bite me with your small teeth, b*t*h."

Busy ‘nursing’ my thoughts with aloof quietness:

When you garnered some ‘attention’, there would readily be people game to ‘take you down’.

Their grading were biased with their own assumptions and crafted intentions.

I used to hate comparison but now I welcome critics to my own amusement at my playground.

I love how they create lurking darkness into me and force me to find light from within.


Not going to drain you with my sets of negativities from ruthless noisy crows.

As if Monday was not blue enough already.

The other day, these 4 grandpa warmth my heart so neatly.

They shared a plate of fried squids and bottles of beer in joy.

I love how they tasted these squids with serious loudness.

I envied them catching up with a few good friends one sunny afternoon with simple bliss.

My grandmother, not 'letting' any edible stems go and value them despite their 'torn'.

My roses didn't happen but my grandma's chilli is growing well.

Upside down also can grow tall and strong. Nothing is impossible with or without gravity.

I checked my conscious mind without fearing the 'Devil' I had to 'Angel' with deep insight.


That's what living is made for.

Happy last week of March!

(Need to learn to work my lazy left feet to change the gear with bike.)

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