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When one person is sick, even drinking water can cause harm to him...

Ah gong is in a 'recovering state; these two days.

He asked me where I stay three times.

And when I asked him where he stay, he cutely paused and asked if I haven been to his house before...

Ah gong said my hair is long and needed a haircut.

Ah gong called my second uncle my childhood name.

Ah gong seemed to be in the process of resetting his memory.

Yet earlier, his vital's not looking good again.

And we had to monitor him closely as well.

Didn't plan to stay in ward last night but ah gong was still very wide awake and asked to sit beside him.

His memory is groggy.

We pray for him to really get well soon.

Many Thanks to all the good doctors and nurses!

The handsome doctor is still very handsome.

I like his toned biceps that pop out while he pen diagnoses watching his monitor attentively.

I enjoyed that pleasing sight admiringly his seriousness.

Just that...

He actually shook his legs while he worked busily behind his desk.

Boyish Adorable. Goodness. Cute. ERM.

Nice to have someone to 'distract' any depressing thoughts...

"Find that piece of candy to sweeten the bitterness you are tasting."

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