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I was very affected when she came back into my path again.

I described her as “Kopi Luwak” for what she brought into my life despite her "form".

She is officially the most terrible person I have met.

Beautiful face but freaky dark soul...

If I ever will "teach" face reading one day, her features will be seriously highlighted.

She only wanted our aura machine at the place.

She did not want anyone of my staff to operate the aura machine but to teach her staffs first.

She will not need any explanation of the colours.

She told me, if my staffs were to be around, they will not be on her payroll.

She said I will take whichever the cut straight from the clients and she will not earn anything from it.

She decided to gift me a $1000 clothing voucher so I will have something nice to put on this festive season.

She wanted my aura machine there for at least 19hours per day for coming 2 weeks.

Basically she "See us no up" to be publicly associate with her.

I think she made a terrible mistake for seeing my "Aura machine'" and our "traditional business" that way.

"She" (our dear aura machine) is the baby of our business for coming 30years, it's not a 'money-making' machine. (got feeling one.)

Yes, "she" can dressed up your event, but can you please at least determine her worth properly?

And for her information, it is the personalise reading that makes an aura experience fruitful for every first timer.

Maybe it's me again.

Caring and being over protective of my "child"...

How can this be another fashion statement?

She just have her way to make me feel worst every single time.

She told me the rent she paid at that prime area and I am not even paying anything to be there...

So I should be glad of this opportunity accordingly to her...

But lady, I don't have to be there to feel so "s*itty"...

I know its just business again, but i truly have to consider if she will "kill" my "baby" once and for all.

There are so many good brands I am going to be working with in upcoming events as well.

They have never made me feel so "small" man.

If a person cannot even have the basic respect for you and your work, will you partner with them?

I wanna keep my "balls" shiny steel.

The last time someone made us took the rubbish lift up the tall tall tower, back door with all my "baby",had me stand for 3-4hours speaking non stop without paying me the explanation fees (as well) and we had to ask for a glass of water, I felt so sore and sorry for my team already...

That was the last event I actually wanted to do.

But, the next few invitation were rather professional, so I agreed to keep going...

So, we all have career woes.

I can resonate with most of my clients because we faced daily mundane life issues like that.

People are that unreasonably shrewd.

I took years to build "aura photography" from "one religion perception" to now almost "common" thing to try, not "scary" one...

It's not just my credit but the whole team's effort in shaping this experience over the years.

For myself, I spent years studying the layers and make it easy to understand when people come for reading.

Goodness, now everyone just want to ride on this conveniently without guilt.

"It's just business."


I had a conversation with a great man last night.

He too, faced sh*t clients whom use "social media" to threaten him and his reputation for not giving her what she wants too.

As if "refunding" her and "complimentary" another service couldn't close that case, she continue to 'extort" more "benefits" out of him conveniently.

I told him to bring up to "Case" or file a police report for protection.

Hope more people can protect businesses like us.

Yet, it was sad at the same time to note that his friend whom I see out of 'friendship', actually blamed "tarot reading" for causing turmoil between him and his gf.

I was so hurt.

He chose to let his gf wait in the area instead of asking her to sit in.

He chose to keep things from her.

I told him many times along the reading, it's really okay for her to sit in after his personal reading.

She is his gf and it's not nice to keep her there when she came with him.

He refused and when she "pestered" him to tell her everything, he felt stressed and decided to blame my tarot reading for that.

Precisely, the very reason I do not want to "read" just for anyone.

Because most people, with their 108 minds, can change their stand quickly.

"You could give some people a drop of water, and they'd still appreciate you. You could give other people the entire ocean, and they'd still take you for granted." -

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