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*a leaf from my diary:


where the human mind at its dearest.

I studied the people whom had to be here with me;

“What happened to their loved ones?”

The bright neon red and blue lights flicked with calling attention.

The constant beeping of incoming messages from the monitor further stressed me inside.

With wailing pain and heavy vomiting, I prayed with needing assurance.

I watched the paramedics worked their craft and how I wish I studied nursing back then instead.

I remembered the first time when I was in the ambulance; it was pouring relatively heavy outside.

The loud siren forced my emotions to my highest level.

I cried like a baby worrying for my dad’s broken leg.

The calls made to my siblings were full of heart wrenching moments.

Even with previous experiences inside the ambulance,

I still tear every time I had to be in one.

Thank god, it’s just “over-dose” this time.

He drank the colon sachet too fast before his endoscopy.

My dad.

He is such a simple man with great will power.

And he truly gave everything to this business he built from scratch.

Sometimes we wish he was more lenient with himself.

But the fact, his generation learnt life the hard way and tough times made them who they can be from their lowest.

So he holds everything dearly to his heart.

I sent my mom and sis back home first because they needed the rest for the day later.

My brother was away with wifey but closely connected to the happenings here. Grateful.

I relied to him in times like this.

Doctor and nurses always have my admiration.

It's not easy to work under pressure and maintain professionalism.

I called out to them fearing for my dad's health when in confusion.

Mutual Trust has to be achieved.

Love your family and care for them despite their old age.

Saying is easy especially when the challenge is that we still have work to do and dreams to pursue.

Still... be dutiful as we honestly should...

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” –Brad Henry

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