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Tarot Reading

For the Wanderer Seeking a Peace of Mind,

Banking in your Secrets Sacredly Hidden within the Gift of Lights.​

Understand Your Life Situation with Tarot Cards. 

Please Prepare Your Questions Beforehand.

terms & conditions

Mutual Respect is Greatly Appreciated.

  • Don’t come to me if you are skeptical.

  • All my readings are personalized based differently for every different individual.

  • I have my own style and professionalism upon reading the cards you drawn.

  • I don’t follow what you can ‘read up' on the internet so don’t second doubt me casually.

  • Don't 'test' me with your 'fake story' or 'life encounter' but if you did, I will just 'play along' on good days.

  • I am no saint, don't ask me if I can remember your cards and spreads after a week or even a day, take your own notes and prepare well for our reading.

  • Contact me at +658300 8826  (whatsapp only) for an appointment. 

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be a blessing to other people, not a curse

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

― Oscar Wilde