aura and tarot reading

Aura and Tarot Reading

Aura Colours and Vibes

You will get an Aura Photo (Polaroid)

5 Pages Print of Report and

A Crystal Tumble or Pick 5 Baby Tumbles.

Understand Your Life Situation with Tarot Cards: 

You should Always Prepare Your Questions & Doubts Beforehand:

You can Read the Insights about your Life Relating to;

your Love/Romance/Relationship,

your prospect in Career,

your Kinship/Family relationship,

your Friends/Business Partnership

you as a Person/your state of being, 

your Health,

Your Wealth Luck,

your whole Year Outlook,

your Next Year Outlook...


(with Face Reading;

You can show photos of

the people in your life for

references and further insights.)​


​​Standard with 7-11 Questions & Spreads


(120 mins)



Please keep to your time.

per next 15mins-30mins chargeable at: $57.00

Tea/Coffee Complimentary​


*comes with 'a personal letter/postcard writing'

after your session.