I am a bridge if you need to cross over those "trapped darkness"

Hi, I am Yi Xinn. 

"An Extra Toe, An Extra Soul."

I was born differently with a small flaw since birth; 

In the coming future,

I hope to focus more on a niche community, 

people whom had this same personal struggle now. 


My clients are from all walks of life.

You can read about my interview by 

T Singapore Magazine and Millennial of Singapore.


I recently shared my Aura reading experience on YahooTVSingapore.

I appeared in Timeout Singapore: Meet the Locals.

I was one of the featured stories in; 

HerWorldSingapore Magazine May2020 issue


GE 2020 'Gentle Prediction'  with Millennial of Singapore

She got a badge for her service in Singapore at: 


My Family Business: 

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom 

website: www.KangLi.Asia

Founded in 1989,

Specialises in providing Personalise Reading; 

Zi Wei Duo Shu, Name change, Geomancy consultation,

Aura & tarot Reading, with a wide range 

Retailing gemstones, Minerals Crystals and Accessories.

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