Lin Yi Xinn

"An Extra Toe, An Extra Soul"

She was born differently with a small flaw since birth; 

In the coming future,

She hopes to focus more on a 

niche community, people whom had this same personal struggle now. 


Her clients are from all walks of life.









Terms & Conditions: (PLEASE READ)​​

Our Referred list from Oct 2019.

If you are New to our Services & Genuine, 

You can go for the Standard rate. 

Only Appointment Holders will be allowed to enter our store. 

All Readings are Exclusively Private. 

(Please state if you have companion.)

​Keep to your Appointment time and be Punctual. 

Please Do not Connect if you are in the Same Business, Skeptics or Here For Fun. 

We will Reject your appointment at the door if you are not Genuine.

If you Cancel our Appointment Last minute or Do Not Show up, 

Please do not book with us again.

We only Accept Nets/Cash.

Thank you!

*special born, exclusive 50% off personalise reading. ( hearing impaired, deaf, cleft lips, etc: )

Registration.Please book only when you are Serious & Sure.
What Time Works For You? (Refrain from last minute booking please. 2-7 days in advance appreciated.)

"Better Connect with 

Special needs, 

Physically born differently, 

Emotional Deeply Torn 

and Mentally Stressed Souls.

"If you come with an agenda, 

don't expect to receive kindness 

when you are asked to leave." 


With Mutual Trust

and Respect,  

You will definitely 

gain insights 

during every reading 

and meeting. 


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