faces in phrases.


Living in a forest, a butterfly's desire; to be like an eagle, grew Heart like an eagle, Soul confident like an eagle, eventually assumed to Live life as an eagle.


Study their Soul without them knowing. 

Everyone can pretend to be 'kind' and 'right'. Watch how they look at different people, and when they really Soul into yours. Hear what your Heart's telling you the signs and sighs.


Big or small, round or flat, it said it all. 

Materials first or Emotions first? 

You decide but you can't have it all at once with one.


Thick or Thin can speaks rights or lies. 

Calculative or Generous, it's all between their illusionary words lingering in those careful spoken lines. 


How they treat you may not be how they face off others. 

We are all using our own measuring ruler. So it will never be that same. What works for you may not work for someone else.