deposit your darkness sacredly

before we begin, empty your clouded mind, clear out all the doubts from your heart, settled in as one with  your soul, allow me to tap into your subconscious and trust that you can share your truthful feelings while I can 'offer' you every new insight....


Aura Colours & Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading

Insights into your situation emotionally & seek answers

amidst your conflicted mind...


Aura Reading

Your chakras

Your colours

Your energy

Your vibes

kang li mineral kingdom

Aura & Tarot Reading 

While I mirrored and reflected a conscious message off you,

You shall inspire me greatly within my spiritual gifting.


terms and conditions

Please Contact Me via Whatsapp +65 8720 2199 with your Queries before Booking.  

(Please give me up to 12-24 hours to reply you as I might be tied down with appointments.)

I will provide You with Available Dates and Time within next two weeks.

Alternatively, you can provide a couple of dates to check the availability. 

Please make Payment via PayLah/PayNow UEN 53399684L to confirm your appointment once fixed. 

You should send a Copy of your payment Receipt to my Whatsapp Number. 

No Refund. No Cancellation Once Appointment Has Been Scheduled.

Please Book Only when you Really Serious & Sure.


All Readings/Experience are Exclusively Private.

No Confusion or Distraction needed when you need Intense Clarity.

(For Covid-Safety measure, we are only accepting one on one personalised reading per time slot. You must be fully vaccinated. Please state if you received HRW...)

Please be Punctual as all our appointments are scheduled back to back. 

If you are really going to be 5 -10minutes late, please update us kindly.

Your appointment will be cancelled if you are 15-20mins late affecting our next appointment.

Please do not book with us again if you change your mind last minute or

did not show up. 

Please Do not Connect if you are in the Same Business/Skeptics/For Fun. 

I will ask you to Leave My Store if you are Not Genuine.

Mutual Respect is Greatly Appreciated.