"deposit your darkness sacredly."

not taking in new clients at the moment.

not for skeptics. 

"If you come with an agenda, 

don't expect to receive kindness 

when you are asked to leave." 

Strictly by Appointment & Referral only.Genuine Seekers.

"Better Connect with

Special needs,

Physically born differently,

Emotional Deeply Torn

and Mentally Stressed Souls.

With Mutual Trust

and Respect, 

You will definitely

gain insights

during every reading

and meeting.

"Three-fold Law"

Founder, Lin Yi Xin, Xinn , "An Extra Toe, An Extra Soul"

She was born differently with a small flaw since birth;

In the coming future, She hopes to focus more on a niche community,

people whom had this same personal struggle now. 


Her clients are from all walks of life.


You can read about her interview by

T Singapore Magazine and Millennial of Singapore.


She recently shared her Aura reading experience on YahooTVSingapore.


Kang Li Mineral Kingdom (Family Business.) www.KangLi.asia

Founded in 1989, specialises in providing fortune readings, like Zi Wei Duo Shu,

Name change, geomancy consultation, aura & tarot Reading,

with a wide range Retailing gemstones, minerals crystals and accessories.


Terms & Conditions: (PLEASE READ)​​

  • All reading are Exclusively Private. (Please come alone.)

  • Please Do not Connect if you are in the Same Business, Skeptics or Here For Fun. 

  • We will Reject your appointment at the door if you are not Genuine.

  • We only Accept Nets/Cash.

  • If you Cancel our Appointment Last minute or Do Not Show up, Please do not book with us again.

  • Keep to your appointment time and be punctual. Thank you!

Aura Reading

Walk-in, No Explanation.

(Please contact for appointment dates/time.)

You will get an Aura Photo (Polaroid) 5 Pages Print of Report and A Crystal Tumble or Pick 5 baby tumbles in a pouch.


Our Area for 'Aura Photography' is rather Cosy and Small, Can fit only 3-4 people Comfortably.

Only for client with appointment.

Not advisable for groups/friends companionship.

Tea/coffee complimentary

$57.00 (20mins-30mins)

Tarot Reading

For the Wanderer Seeking Peace of Mind, Banking in your Secrets within the Gift of Lights.


 Understand Your Life Situation with Tarot cards and spreads: Your can prepare 7 questions;

or You will be reading the insights about, your life at first spread, your love/romance/relationship, your career, (your challenges in career,) your family, your friends, you as a person, your coming year...

Or you can just share your Inner burden and shadows with me.

Tea/coffee complimentary

$77.00 (70mins)

$17.00/next qns

Aura/Tarot Reading

Understand your Situation With Aura Photography (Aura Colours)

You will get an Aura Photo (Polaroid) 5 Pages Print of Report and A Crystal Tumble or Pick 5 baby tumbles in a pouch.

And with the message from Tarot Cards you picked:

at least 7 spreads with

7 different questions.

$117.00 (90mins -120mins)

*comes with


basic birth chart reading.

*comes with a letter writing.


Tea/coffee complimentary

 $117.00 (90mins- 120mins)

$17.00/next qns

Face Reading

You can ask 7-10 people's

character by showing their pictures. The relationship between both of you will further

'conclude' with

Tarot Spreads

in between

each person.

Tea/coffee complimentary

$117.00 (90-120mins)


if more than 10pp


Please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please look at 3pm to 9pm Tuesday to Saturday in February 2020

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