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Tarot Reading
For the wanderer seeking peace of mind.
Banking in your Secrets Sa
credly Hidden within the Gift of Lights.​
Understand Your Life Situation with Tarot Cards.
Please Prepare Your Questions Beforehand.


Questions and Spread:

your Love & Relationship,

your Prospect in Career,

your Kinship/Family,

your Friends/Business Partnership

you as a Person/your State of being, 

your Health,

Your Wealth Luck,

your whole Year Outlook,

your Next Year Outlook...

Face Reading,

You can show photos of the people in your life for references and insights.

Please prepare all photos of the people you like to read beforehand.

No sharing of the session, an estimated read of at least 11-17 Questions & Spreads​depending on our sharings and your openness. 

Please keep to your time.

per next 15mins/spread

chargeable at $27.70

Optional; ​

After your session...

Complete your experience by

penning a letter to yourself.

We will mail it out within a year to you. 

Local Standard mail will be complimentary. 

for Registered mail, it will be an additional $5.

​(Specialty Tea/ Coffee Complimentary​)​​


(Only Cash/Paynow/Paylah accepted)

$117/pp 60-90mins

All Readings are Exclusively Private.

No Confusion or Distraction is needed when you want intense Clarity.

For Covid-Safety measures, we are only accepting one on one personalized reading.

You must be fully vaccinated.

All our appointments are scheduled back to back, please be punctual.

If you are late, 

It will eat into your own appointment time.

Please do not connect if you are in the Same Business/Skeptics/For Fun. 

I will ask you to Leave My Store if you are not genuine.

"Mutual Respect is Greatly Appreciated."

  • Don’t come to me if you are skeptical.

  • All my readings are personalized based differently for every different individual.

  • I have my own style and professionalism upon reading the cards you drawn.

  • I don’t follow what you can ‘read up' on the internet so don’t second doubt me casually.

  • Don't 'test' me with your 'fake story' or 'life encounter' but if you did, I will just 'play along' on good days.

  • Take your own notes and prepare well for our reading.

  • Contact me at +658300 8826  (whatsapp only) for an appointment. 

Not taking in appointment from March

Orange and Coconut

Closed During CNY : 22 Jan - 5 Feb 

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